MacHeist nanoBundle 3 offers ten apps for the price of one

The guys over at MacHeist have convinced a bunch of developers again to put together a collective sale of Mac software dubbed nanoBundle 3. Ending tomorrow, you can get ten Mac apps for only $10, which would normally cost $275. As always, ten per cent of the money raised will go to charity. Unlike the previous MacHeist 4 bundle less than a year ago, the selection is much more appealing to me. And that it's not to say that the organisers don't have a reputation for featuring some of the top developers for the platform!


One of my favourite things about this kind of bundle sales is that they keep the mystery until the last minute to keep the momentum going. With less than 24 hours to go, Path Finder — a powerful Finder replacement with tabs and batch file management — has just been unlocked after crossing the threshold of 30,000 bundles sold and $36,669 raised for charity at the time of this writing.

Familiar iOS faces

What's not to love about the selection of apps? To get started, let's just say Fantastical (normally $20) is included. Everyone either on the Mac or iOS has suffered the pains of iCal, which makes me appreciate even more how simple and approachable Fantastical is. The app has some clever language recognition engine allowing you to type normal sentences to set a reminder without any need to use the mouse. It's so good that it's strange Apple doesn't sherlock it. As I have probably mentioned before, the iOS version has become one of my homescreen indispensables.

Also very interesting for the iOS audience is AirServer, a very simple app that converts your Mac into an AirPlay receiver. This means you can stream or mirror the content on an iPhone or an iPad directly on a computer monitor — a feature originally created to display your portable content on a television screen via an Apple TV. And this is done wirelessly without having to plug any cable.


AirServer is the typical example that convinces me why these MacHeist software bundles are so good. It doesn't only raise awareness about not so well-known app, it also gives you the chance to download it and incorporate it in the way you use your devices in a way you wouldn't have. That is, unless you had to give a presentation or needed this type of functionality in an emergency.

For a wider audience you also get CleanMyMac 2, a no-nonsense utility that scans your Mac for irrelevant content and gets rid of it automatically. Even if I had installed the previous version, I still like to combine it with Daisy Disk to identify large files and folders and Gemini to look for file duplicates. The thing with CleanMyMac is that everything is so automated that it doesn't take much effort to convince you why it's worth trying it. I specially like the extension and system cleanup features included in this version and I get the feeling I still have more to discover.

The bundle is completed with xScope, a must-have for graphic designers and developers, iStopMotion to create beautiful stop motion animations, Totals to simplify invoices and Clarify to take your documentation guides to the next level. The last of the apps announced so far is actually the award-wining game Little Inferno by the makers of World of Goo downloadable via Steam.

So what are you waiting for? Even if you already own some of the apps, for the price asked it's worth for getting just one of them at a great discount already.