MacHeist announces its fourth Mac software bundle

The most original and elaborate software promotion I know of launched. For the next 9 days you can buy 15 Mac apps and games at a discounted price, get some freebies and a lot of fun in the process. The sale has lost part of its indie character but you can still find some not-so-hidden gems in Mac software and gaming. The ultimate goal is to get users to try apps like Gemini, Scrivener and Evernote hoping they love them so much they would eventually recommend them to others. I'm doing it right now!

For a full list of the apps and games included you can head over and consider buying the bundle before the sale ends. The selection, which would be normally worth $539 can be obtained for only $29. Oh, and 25% of that goes to the charity of your choice.

But what is MacHeist exactly?

Organised by the people over at tap tap tap — you know them for developing Camera + - MacHeist is more than a software sale. The previous editions got savvy Mac users hunting for clues and trails to solve puzzles in exchange for free apps. After three years in silence, John Casasanta and his crew are back with an iOS twist.

To get engines started, spy-wannabes can download the the eight available iOS puzzle games adequately called missions. These are free and will earn you extra coins you can redeem in the bundle checkout. If this wasn't enough, starting and completing one of these missions will unlock Mac apps for free. To get around these easily you can start with the MacHeist Agent, which introduces you to this steampunk world of mystery and has a convenient list of the missions available along with some hints. By the way, the iOS missions are also available for iPad.

Why bother with some puzzles to end up buying some apps?

Those of you familiar with The Heist will already know the high visual standards and the joy of having several types of puzzles in the same app with a common theme. This is my review with more detail about it. MacHeist's iOS missions follow a similar idea, presenting you with a number of challenges in the form of sudoku, sliding tiles, sokoban and other logic puzzle variations. The nice thing is that if you get stuck you can use the MacHeist Agent app I mentioned before and will guide you through it.

The games themselves are extremely polished considering the quantity and the free entry point. If you enjoyed The Heist these aren't any worse. In fact, they can be understood as a continuation. Notice how the videos still feature the Mac pseudo-celeb Lisa Bettany.

If getting free mini games doesn't tickle your curiosity, you should know you can get some great Mac apps for launching the mission and completing it. The list is rather long, but my favourites in The Loot are NetShade and Gemini to hide your internet proxy and delete duplicate files on your Mac respectively.

The sale ends next Friday 26th October so make sure you don't miss it.