Letterpress design app needs your help

Many apps claim to empower creativity, but John Bonadies latest Kickstarter project also plans to save creative resources too. LetterMpress is an upcoming iPad app that will allow designers, typography geeks and just about anyone to replicate the original process. The app will allow you to place blocks of wood type on a virtual board, choose colours and the type of paper.

If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a website where anyone can help to fund a project to make it happen. Why does an app like LetterMpress needs to raise $15,000? Well, it turns out that since letterpress artwork got trendy again, the scarce wood type blocks are really difficult to find and you need to pay a price to get hold of them. The cost of the project is much more than the simple coding of the app.

Bonadies aims to collect original vintage types, scan them and add them to the iPad app for everyone to use. Isn't this a smart idea? Eventually, they will be able to produce the authentic prints with an actual letterpress from the design created on your iPad. If you like the sound of this, please visit the project page and support it.