Late for work? There's an app for that

UPDATED: I'm glad this got fixed on the 7th! Until last week, many iPhone owners would use one of the apps we all use but very rarely talk about. The change in the Daylight Savings Time showcased a major flaw in the built-in Clocks app. Since the first generation of iOS, the iPhone has recognized DST changes and has switched the time correctly. However, a bug in the latest version of iOS made alarms go off an hour later than intended. 

According to a survey by Toluna, 55 per cent of iPhone users with the latest iOS version were struck by the bug. It was found out that those encountering problems had set the alarms on a weekday pattern instead of one offs. Apple quickly noted that the new 4.2 release will correct this issue, but we still haven't been able to download the latest version. The update is also a major release for the iPad, which adds new functionality and lower footprint than the current. "We're aware of an issue related to daylight-saving time and repeating alarms and will deliver a fix with the iOS 4.2 software update this month,” Apple said. 
It seems that the solution for now is to change the alarms to non-repeating alarms. I have noticed that users will need to set them an hour before than the time intended. You can also try to set the day and time on settings manually and then reset the iPhone. It hasn't worked for me, but I have changed my recurring alarms and it works. What about you? Have you been hit by the alarm bug as well?