It's true, I'm a late adopter

I have to confess it. I love technology and think of buying every gadget that I come across. I simply can't resist it. Since I discovered that MacRumors has a guide that recommends gadget addicts not buying Apple products when their update is due, I started using the same philosophy for everything I do. But what happens when a gizmo addict like me restrains from buying one of the most hyped technology products ever? Here are the results. 
We all knew before it was announced that Apple was working on a magical tablet that would blew us away, although the name finally chosen seemed a bit odd. App freaks like you and me were pretty exited about the larger edition of iOS for a multitouch screen and those games would just be amazing. In my days of early adopter I would jump in the queue to make sure I would be the first to be in line to get it.
You see these pictures of people staying overnight at the doors of Apple Stores and you think they are nuts, but we have all done something similar before. Remember that console shipped from Japan that wouldn't sell in your country until next year? What about that European friend that asked you to buy something in the US? It's all around the same story: The thrill of feeling part of something special. 
There I stood with my soon-to-be-obsolete iPhone and my app review site AppFreak, watching from the distance while others uploaded their unboxing videos to YouTube making the rest jealous. Even if I saw other geeks with their brand new iPad shipped from the US before (remember those production delays?) it was actually available in the UK, all the rush to have one faded as I realized that I could live perfectly without one… until now. 
"The recession is making people think they need to come up with post-rational justifications for their extravagant purchases." 
Early adopters suck, but late adopters suck even more! I decided to go for a Wi-Fi iPad after putting some money aside. These days it seems that other geeks are also saving on small things so they can have a nice treat, even during the recession. It must be related with what Carla Serrano, chief strategist for Apple's advertising agency TBWA/Chiat/Day tells Bloomberg: The iPad is positioned as a novelty product ideal for people that don't want to spring for a Mac, but "the iPad does hardly anything that an iMac can do."
I'm pretty sure many of you reading don't feel this way and have probably a brand new iPhone 4 too. And one of those tiny new iPod nano. I'm a happy man with my new purchase and after a couple of days using it, I haven't found any major disadvantage I didn't know. This is precisely why I'm happy to have waited, letting others test the waters and cry in a couple of months when Apple will release the all-new iPad 2… for half of the price. But hey, this is an endless spiral of obsolescence where we're doomed to suffer if we don't want to drop the bucks. 
This is not a rant and neither a love letter. I suspect it is more like my very own "post-rational" justification. This is just to let you know that from now on I will be reviewing iPad apps and games. I only need to get some videos ready if the fixed focus of the Kodak Zi8 camera allow, and we will be ready to rock. I'm an app virgin and I have made terrible choices buying crap apps for the iPad. I don't care if you're a developer, a fan or hater. If you know an iPad app that I should have, please tell me.