It's official: Push notifications annoy the hell out of me

I couldn't find a more expressive title for my post. I'm sure other iPhone and iPad appfreaks think the same way but developers still don't get it. When Apple first announced push notifications, iPhone fans and devs rejoiced. Finally a solution to alert users of activity related to your app. If you get a Facebook friend request; you will get an alert in the form of a text message, sound alert and or a badge. Cool and convenient, isn't it? Even apps like Boxcar help you to get alerts from your social media networks. Well, I've had enough of them and have found how to disable them forever.

After months of implementation, now most apps use notification services. When I launch an app for the first time and I'm asked to share my current location I start to tremble. The simple question makes me suspicious: Is this app going to use badges to count any irrelevant stuff? Do I need to be reminded of my bills? Will I get IM messages once the app is closed? There are many questions to be answered with "this app would like to use your current location", because it should really read "This app would like to spam you and use your info for third party selected marketing companies".
iPhone apps notifications have turned into the Growl of hell. I started to realise when Ngmoco started pushing promotional messages every Saturday morning. They wouldn't fail. If I'm really hooked to Eliminate, I wouldn't mind some "free energy" reminders, but I haven't played it in a month, so I really don't care. Do I need a push spam message every Saturday morning? No. Did I sign up for this? I don't think so.
Things get worse with Skies of Glory, which has been updated with a new Battle for Britain edition that I had to try. Despite developer / publisher SGN being the winner of my own "Worst developer ethics 2009" award, I wanted to try this wicked game. I played Skies of Glory, had some fun, played online multiplayer and had a good time. After some past disappointments, SGN delivered. 
But last night my iPhone woke me up with World War II sounds. What's going on? I recognise my ringtone and SMS sound, but what is this about? I checked my iPhone to see a message from Skies of Glory announcing that some DLC content was on offer for a limited time. But didn't we agree that Battle of Britain already included all the campaign packs and features available for purchase in the free version of the game. Do I need to wake up in the middle of the night for this?
SGN, please take TobyJoe's advise on his excellent article aimed at people like you Badge Blindness and iPhone Push notifications.
Don’t flood devices with flippant text or audio push notifications. Understand the disruptive impact of those messages and avoid them unless they are absolutely necessary. And repeat this mantra: “Push notifications are rarely necessary!
Fortunately there is a way to disable push notifications, which I rarely check. If you're finding some of these alerts annoying, you can manage them on your iPhone's Settings>Notifications to disable sounds, alerts and home screen badges.