iPhone 4, bringing geeks together

You have to tell me how beautiful is that people with very specific common interests, lets say nerds, work on a project together just for fun. The recent footage from the new iPhones is spreading on the internets as if the 3GS couldn't record any video at all. I've seen the Ducati feature, the grandpa and the trains short movie, but this aerial video captures the essence of that Homebrew Computer Club in the eighties that motivated Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs to build the first Apple computer.

I've read that these guys in the video are lame. What's the big deal? Having a naive idea, putting it into practice and sharing with the world what you have done with the gadget of the moment has to be a geek's wonderful moment. Fantastic idea, great that you want to share it with us. I can't stop thinking the "Up" movie inspiration behind it.