Instapaper Pro, one of my iPhone basics

One of the apps that I have first downloaded to test and that has now found a place on my homescreen. In my daily iPhone use I send emails, text friends, tweet, read my RSS, and… now I can read websites that I kept for later with Instapaper Pro [iTunes Link]. 
It is amazing how the Instapaper service has changed the way I work. I use the Safari bookmarklet save websites to read later, on Tweetie 2 to load websites faster and what I enjoy most: To read long articles with time without the Google Reader rush of skimming through the 1,632 new items. The service is integrated in some iPhone apps like the mentioned Tweetie 2 or Reeder, allowing you to save content within the app.

There is a full list with the 22 apps that support the service at the moment. Instapaper [Free] and Instapaper Pro iTunes Link] do the reading part, accessing your Instapaper list and displaying it in your preferred way to read it.

I also should mention that developer Marco Arment started Instapaper as a side project and the early app was a pure 1.0 version. However, the service growth and new features added made having the app worthwhile. 
"It doesn’t matter how good or bad the product is; the fact is that people don’t read anymore."
Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Inc
When the app is launched, it will start synching the latest bookmarks to your iPhone, which will require registering with the free Instapaper service. Access web pages organised in folders (you can edit them directly in the main menu), Starred items and your Archive. The web pages will be displayed on a list, and tapping on them will load a simplified version of it. Text and images are preserved there if you chose to keep them in the first place. The new rendered item will have the URL address on top, really useful to organise your sources, and a link to the original version. There's the option to use the in-app browser to load a full or text version. Once you tap on it, Instapaper will need 3G or WiFI to render the full version.

The latest update in the Pro version makes reading Instapaper quite a pleasant experience for commuters on the go like me. I can choose to have a standard white background or to use the dark interface when I read something when I'm in bed. I can also choose to have auto-tilt enabled, a sort of auto cue for reading, orperhaps I want to have pages (No imitation of the Classics effect here…. yet. The pages slip without any fancy gimmick). I can also look up words on Wikionary and share it with friends on social networks and Tumblr. If for some reason you don't like the default Helvetica font, you can change it to Georgia and Verdana, change font size and increase margins. 
Version 2.2 introduces a new icon much better designed than the previous one, adding texture, some volume,and most noticeably, a vertical two column text view and the prominent I for Instapaper. 

There are alternative apps+services like Read It Later that do the same thing, but I just happened to bump into this one first. I'm happy with the app, that I bought after trying for free. The developer keeps updating, not only the app, but refining the service to make a better experience. I envision a day where Instapaper could be available in every productivity app and a much more dynamic website. Instapaper is recommended to the few people that love reading (according to Jobs) and anyone that needs to access information quickly.