Instagram photo frames and wireless speakers

Once again I'm writing about Kickstarter, the awesome site that allows individuals to invest in the ideas of very talented people. I previously talked about the iPad and Kindle stand PadPivot, the letterpress app LetterMpress and most recently about the stylish iPhone bumper i+Case, which recently completed its funding. 

Today I'm bringing two fantastic ideas that have a strong relation with our iDevices and that still need a small push to reach the minimum investment goal.

An idea like Thumbtiles by Steven Johnson would be impossible without the explosion of the iPhoneography phenomenon powered by apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic and the likes. The project consists of a number of minimalist square picture frames where you can display your creations. It's like taking your photography hobby out of the Internet to display it at home or office.

What really makes Thumbtiles exciting is the fact that the frame parts are held together using magnets, allowing you to change the pictures on display periodically to suit your mood or changing tastes. The combination of several frames looks superb and I couldn't resist getting the pack of nine for a 3x3 display in my bedroom.

Thumbtiles is perfectly suited for Instagram or Hipstamatic pictures that you can get printed in many places these days. The 7 inch measurement is also ideal to print them on a simple A4 sheet, which I think is going to be very convenient if you plan to change the pictures often. The project isn't fully funded yet so you still have the opportunity to some of these lovely frames exclusively on its Kickstarter page.

The second project I'm backing is called Hidden Radio & Bluetooth Speaker by John VDN + Vitor Santa Maria. When I see this, the wireless speaker Jambox from Jawbone comes immediately to my mind. Whoever makes an effort to eradicate people playing music directly from their phones will always get all my support and these guys sound like they can deliver.  

The beauty of the project lays on its minimalist design and ultra-simple controls. Audiophiles will swear by physical controls and Hidden Radio is a genuine tribute to the huge volume knobs you get in amplifiers. The whole speaker case can be rotated to control volume, revealing the speaker grill as it raises. The concept is so obvious and cheeky that you inevitably smile when you see it. 

I already own a Jambox but it won't stop me from getting a couple of these beauties. Again, these integrate perfectly with your iPhones or iPads via Bluetooth and can bring whole music collections from Spotify, Pandora or Rdio to every room without much hassle. This project is about to reach its minimum funding, going very well 50 days before it’s completed. Make sure you have a look and get hold of the first run of these industrial design marvels.