I guess I won't be 2011 Design Award of the Year

Yesterday I visited the Sustainable Future exhibition at the London Design Museum sponsored by Puma. What I really liked was the parallel selection of 100 nominees of the British Design Awards! A special report that I wanted to share with you.

The Brit Insurance Designs Awards, "the Oscars of the design world," showcase the most innovative and forward thinking designs from around the world. Last year's winner, the unofficial Barack Obama poster campaign by Shepard Fairey, demonstrated the power that design can have at a grass-root level.

To give you an idea of the high level of nominees ands variety of categories, it's open to entries from all industries. One of the most down to earth designs was the Amazon Kindle and the Kindle DX. I think they both deserve some credit in the popularisation of e-book reading in portable devices. In fact, I'm pretty sure many Kindle owners will get an iPad and use their collection with iPad's Kindle app or iBooks. Well, I guess someone won't be in the 2011 edition.

The following picture gallery (yes taken with an iPhone) show some surprises that I found out really interesting and could easily pick as favourites. From the already mentioned Kindle, to the lightest BMW sportscar yet, a project to preserve community through restoration, a custom newspaper for local neighbourhoods, Norwegian submarines... to a plug that folds!

This Eco-friendly cycle share scheme could be the one chosen by the City of London in it's upcoming public bike system, as seen in a promotional poster two weeks ago.