How to create recurring tasks and folders in The Hit List

When The Hit List for iPhone launched last summer I couldn't be  more pleased. As I mentioned in the review, it's extremely difficult to find iPhone apps that get simple data entry so well. Most users would ignore its characteristic green icon on the App Store because there isn't any particular shortage of task managers for iOS, if you know what I mean. Maybe the users of the desktop version find it a good companion app, but the truth is that I've kept The Hit List installed on my iPhone and have been using regularly.

Since I rely on other apps for a pure GTD workflow that syncs with my main machine at home, I've been using The Hit List as a collector of ideas. Again, I'm so impressed with the way it allows you to enter information that it's become the best way to collect ideas on the go. A serious winner. 

The 1.1 update just seeded brings some new features that might make the app even sweeter. In addition to lists, now you can create your own folders — a great way to keep your brainstorming dumping site organised. The previous state of things was working for me pretty well thanks to its simplicity. Why make things more complex with folders? You can still collect tasks and review them in your Inbox, now you also have the option to assign them to lists conveniently grouped in folders. If you care about cosmetic changes, the folders will allow you to have everything neatly packed on the main view. 

To create a folder simply tap the "Edit" button on the right top corner. The same editing mode also allows you to put existing lists into folders as well as delete them. 

Repeating tasks from your iPhone

My barber appointment, the car wash and renewing the train ticket pass. These are things that I do regularly and that I tend to forget if I don't have a reminder. I don't want my task manager to be my calendar, but there are occasions when this can become useful. To enter this mode, simply tap the recurring task you want, go into the detail view and select a start and due date and notice the "Repeat" button on the top right corner.

These changes make The Hit List a more versatile app. I initially criticised the lack of any type of elaborate grouping, project and filing available that seems to be addressed with the update -- in a minimalist way you may argue.