Guy starts queuing for the iPhone 5… already!

A fellow iPhone freak in the UK is committed to be the first person to own an iPhone and is asking for your support. Rob Shoesmith, a 'trash collector by day and app developer by night' has started camping outside Regent Street's Apple Store in London to be the first in line once its launched in the country. 

Stories about queues building up prior to the launch of Apple hardware, specially with the popularity of iPhones and iPads, have been frequent across the globe. However, the crazy part comes with the timing. The recent rumours about the iPhone 5 production starting in September and the strategic change It would give Apple to announce it in its music event around the same time means that Shoesmith is in for a long wait.

The so-called "the iPhone 5 Experiment" is also a marketing experiment. Companies are encouraged to sponsor the camping, as its creator has decided not to spend a single penny during the wait. So far, the initiative has received support in form of a tent, chairs, food and gadgets from over 100 consumer firms and local businesses

I wonder if this is a good strategy, specially without knowing what will the next model feature. The current iPhone 4, despite the initial antennagate issue, is still a great phone. Without seeing the iPhone 5 specs, I don't see why anyone would like to change. Apple also has a history of releasing products in the US first, so once the iPhone 5 comes out, being able to buy iPhone4 New 
York City will be easy and cheap. According to the picture, it's clear that Rob needs a new model anyway.

The main goal might not be to own a brand new iPhone 5 in the end, but to learn about brand exposure in a guerrilla marketing stunt and "meet like-minded people to build new connections".