Guess who's playing Galaxy on Fire 2 HD this weekend

The journey from Valkyrie to Supernova all over again

The wait is over. German developer Fishlabs has released the sequel of its Galaxy on Fire series with a new episode called Supernova. The new story comes as additional in-app purchase, just like the Valkyrie episode released last year.

In fact, the Supernova add-on continues the events narrated in Valkyrie leading to the epic final boss battle in Deep Science. This time around, the Mido Confederation (an independent alliance of Terrans and Nivelians) is threatened by a supernova and fighters using stealth technology — if you completed Valkyrie you should be familiar with those blueprints. The plot accounts for approximately 10 hours of game time plus all the grinding in side missions you might want to do to access all the new and old upgraded goodies thrown in this update.

Supernova promises more ships, new weapons and equipment that might change the gameplay in the same way turrets and guided missiles did in the last Galaxy on Fire 2 add-on Valkyrie. These include bounty hunting missions, transporting refugees in evacuation missions and hacking mini games you're probably used to from other games.

A new challenge in beautiful high definition Retina graphics

If you plan to play Supernova on your 'new iPad', iPad 2, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 i highly recommend you choose the HD version of the iOS game Galaxy on Fire 2 HD, as it takes advantage of the superior GUI and Retina displays. Pretty much every asset has been redrawn and the enhanced polygon count, detailed textures and lighting effects make the game shine.

The catch here is that to start playing Supernova you need to have completed Valkyrie — there's a convenient (and cheaper) combo pack if you haven't purchased that yet. In my case, I played the original game on an iPad 1 and all my progress has been lost. It's been quite dumb of me to not have used OpenFeint saving feature at the time as I deleted the original game when I sold this device. I guess I could go through my iTunes backups and look for the saved data and documents and import it from there, but I'm extremely tempted to play Valkyrie again in its new HD enhanced version. I've started a new game from zero and the different is spectacular. It really feels like playing a different game.

I was foolish enough to overlook the warnings of fellow Galaxy on Fire players and the advice from the developer, so now I'll play Valkyrie first and go for Supernova once this is completed. I love writing about this saga, as it's one of my favourite games on iOS and I have spent an awful amount of hours completing side missions and trading organs across planetary systems.

This time I'll take my time to taste every bit of it, meaning that it will take some time to finish writing my review of Supernova. I'm sure the awesome community around the game will be there to help if you get stuck in a mission. In my case, the epic return of Keith T. Maxwell will have to wait a little bit more, but it will be an awesome journey.

In the meantime, you can jump straight into the Galaxy on Fire universe with: