Giving the PadPivot a final kick

Apple's Jonathan Ive speaking about the iPad dared to say "there's no right way to hold it." The truth is that every iPad user has struggled with the same problem: the most comfortable way to watch a video, write an email or simply playing games on their iPads is not something that obvious. Despite the numerous cases and stands available on the market, a pair of entrepreneurs weren't satisfied and decided to create their own.

This was the beginning of an amazing project called PadPivot. Canadian inventor Bernie Graham and Seattle based industrial designer Jim Young, who met online, decided to get funding to get started throughout the project crowdsourcing site Kickstarter. The so-called backers contribute with a small amount until the $10,000 goal required to manufacture the accessory is reached. Who could have imagined that the PadPivot project would be funded in just a matter of days? Two months after that initial TechCrunch post that gave publicity to the project, 4,123 people have pledged a total of $163,056. 

The PadPivot itself has a smart design that would allow you to use it with most tablets, including ebook readers like the Kindle. It appears to be small enough to carry it around, but for me the killer feature has to be the pivotable plate that allows you to rotate your iPad on your lap. In geek words, playing Real Racing or Need for Speed without getting tired. I reserved mine for just $25 but I think the feeling of being part of a project like this and see every sep in the process is priceless.