Get it curling on your iPhone

Canadians and Scotsmen that read the blog and are into curling, you should be grateful now you have this game for the iPhone. Others who have only watched it on EuroSport or on The Simpsons, you will surely like to enjoy becoming part of it. I'm not an expert whatsoever but I can't stop being amazed at a game that we have all tried playing at a corridor with brooms. 


For the last weeks I have been playing something closer to the real thing thanks to developers MaxNick. iCurling [iTunes Link] is, as you might have imagined, the iPhone take on the Winter Olympics sport. This time you use your fingers as a broom to make sure your granite stone gets as closer as possible to the bullseye, apparently called house.


This game… is fun! You don't need to be an expert on the matter or now the rules at all. iCurling is bundled with a set of simple instructions to get an idea on how to play and what strategies to use. As I confessed earlier, I had no previous knowledge and truly enjoyed beating the opponent team. 


The app tries reproduce faithfully the game but MaxNick has chosen not to include the actual players in it. You'll be playing with your finger from an aerial view, which helps to declutter the screen. You can give your stone some rotation and then you drag to the top and release to control power and speed, which was also easy to master.


The fun part comes now. The left of the screen has an schematic view of the track, helping you to see where the stone is. Depending on your strategy (if you use any at all!) you can swipe the screen as real players would sweep to direct and slow down the rock. To make the whole thing more exciting, they have included some smoke to it with adds its special touch even if it looks a bit too crazy. I reckon this is not hyper-realistic, but that´s the only fun license they have. I believe this would get thumbs up by many curling fans.
The game includes a two player mode which is really a "pass and play." I can't stress enough how iCurling benefits from the wireless where you could see how your opponent snaps your stones and swipes. This is definitely one of those games you want to play with other people. The game was easy to pick up and learn what the opponent would do, so I would like to be able to play against other teams with different skill sets and difficulty.