FlightTrack Pro: Put an end to your traveling madness

One of the most annoying things when traveling has to be the flight and the airport delays. Is not only spending a full day of your holiday sitting on waiting rooms keeping an eye on the flight boards and listening to the passenger announcements. You've guessed it, there is an app for that. But as I found on two recent trips, very few things might save you from the irritation of delayed flights.
FlightTrack Pro [iTunes Link] by Mobiata is a tracking tool that allow you to check the live status of a flight and tons of other data to ensure you have a journey home at ease. It might not be the final solution to your airport nervous breakdowns, if you are like me, but can definitely help and offer reliable information you can trust while you chill out at the terminal's café. 
If you travel by air, you are probably familiar with all the security controls, gate opening times and terminals you regularly use. However, there is an element really difficult to predict: Delays. Well, here is where FlightTrack Pro comes in handy. The app allows you to import all your flight details and get all that level of information that you only need if your piloting the plane yourself. The good thing about the more expensive "Pro" version, is that it syncs your travel itineraries from TripIt, so there's little data entry to do or remember doing! 

First of all, FlightTrack Pro keeps the latest changes to your flight in a very neat way. Compared with my old method of checking my inbox for the EasyJet receipt (full of car rental offers), with this app I get the info clearly and up to date. You even get the airport terminal, something many operators don't include in their reservations… The app presents you with all the weather forecasts as well as the odds of your flight being delayed. Isn't this cute? For further inflight fun, you can also see your flight on a map, in case any kid asks you "are we there yet"?
"Helps you to keep all your reservations in order, keeps your flights up to date and lets you share this information with others. FlightTrack Pro reduces stress at the terminal, but it is also a great time killer for the frequent flyer"
This all sounds really good and is actually very useful when you are stuck on a traffic jam on your way to the airport and receive a push notification with delays about your flight, but there are other uses to give you peace of mind. If you are arriving an someone will be waiting for you you can give accurate times in most of the cases. In my last two trips I have also used FlightTrack Pro to verify the plane that is taking me home arrives to the airport on time.
Airline staff has often used this excuse to justify delays: "There was a slight problem in Barcelona, we had to wait there for 30 minutes." You can learn which aircraft is used for your flight and track it with this app. The airport won't announce your flight is delayed until the time is expected to open, so you can chill out a the cafeteria of the lounge knowing that you'll have extra thirty minutes to relax. 

FlightTrack Pro is well designed and displays the information clearly for both iPhone screens and iPad. The bigger version of the Universal app doesn't add much, in fact most menus are reduced to the same size as the iPhone counterpart. For a full screen view, the developer offers an "Airport Board View" that displays a traditional departure and arrival board for over 1,400 airports worldwide. I haven't tried it, so I can't comment. It is available as extra DLC content via in-app purchase for an already pricey app. 
If you didn't know the TripIt service, this is a great "client" that makes its an unmissable if you travel regularly. FlightTrack Pro was great to send text messages to my friends and relatives with precise information and it was really useful to know what's really going on at the airport without having to queue at the information desk.