Flash games on the iPhone? - A PC classic reviewed - Farm Frenzy

Who could think that life in a farm could be stressing? Farm Frenzy [iTunes Link] is the iPhone version of the popular time management Flash game that will convince you of the contrary. As you might remember from the 2007 version and the franchise sequels, you are in charge of a farm and have to meet specific production targets. Alawar Entertainment has made this commplete port of the Flash version adding touch controls.

Similarly to other successful games like Sally's Spa, Build a Lot, Chocolate Shop Frenzy and even Lemonade Tycoon, you start from the basics and continuously upgrade  to improve your production. Farm Frenzy has a decent combination of production line that has been proven to be popular in the Flash version. Starting with your basic supply water, you will be able to water your grass. Being the capacity of your well limited, you will have to purchase more water to grow more grow more. Different animals can then feed with the grass and produce some raw material like eggs from ducks, milk from cows and wool from sheep.

All your materials are stored in the warehouse and you can choose to sell them in the town market or to process them in one of your workshops to produce a more expensive item. All the buildings and van are upgradable, meaning that they will have more production capacity, storage or go faster. The strategic decisions will be key during the game. The player will have to meet certain production targets in a given time to finish the level and obtain more stars (credits). The game is spiced up with the presence of bears (???) that will kill your animals and destroy your crop. If you are skilled enough, you can catch the bears and sell them!

The game plays nicely and it can get you hooked like the Facebook farm. There are a couple of complaints, like the repetitive background music. The audio effects are useful and help you to get feedback from the game; the is an alert sound when the well is dry and you try to use water. When you plant grass, the sound let you know that you are doing it right, and you can even hear the bears coming. The background music is just too annoying and you can mute it.

In the graphical department, Alawar has decided to go for the same as the web version. Well, this is a proper port, it's only the screen proportions that you could notice. The game is for all ages but has graphics aimed at the younger players. The style is similar and consistent with other games of the category, but maybe the porting could have been a good time to refreshen the look. 

What bugs me most is that the publishers have decided to wait for the Farm Frenzy 2 and 3 for the iPhone. While you can play those versions for free, you still have to pay your version one with less game value. I suppose that when they introduce the sequel the price would be subject to change. 

Farm Frenzy plays very well on the iPhone and can get you hooked easily if you like the genre. I still want to see "a little more" since they have better games for the series produced waiting to arrive to the iPhone.