First Look - Text recognition for the iPhone with Prizmo

Those of you who had to scan a document on your Mac have probably heard of Prizmo [iTunes Link], a desktop OCR app that recognises text from a scanner or a picture. The Belgian studio behind it, Creaceed announced at the beginning of July that the iPhone version would be coming shortly. I've been lucky enough to get hold of the beta and recorded some of my tasting to share it with my fellow appfreaks. Please understand that this is the first release candidate and a few things could be changed in the version submitted to the AppStore
Prizmo for iPhone brings the functionality of the desktop app to your pocket. You can either take a picture of a document or pick one from your Photo library, meaning that you can process documents from a scanner previously imported to your iDevice. The app supports different kind of formatting, from plain text to some more elaborate compositions that you find in business cards or bills. For the sake of testing I have tried taking a picture of my monitor and… well, results will be unveiled in the full review. 

The app mixes a nice interface with loads of functionality, allowing the user to do minor editing such as cropping, tweak perspective, change white balance and rotate before the actual text is processed. Compared with other scanner apps or business card readers that I have tried, this actually makes a big difference because it lets you be in control at all time and revert to the original picture if you're not happy with it.  

Prizmo for iPhone is bundled with a lot of goodies to put the scanned text to use in ways you wouldn't expect. A release to look forward to I say!