Final week of Appvent Calendar - 23rd and 24th no free games… What have they prepared instead?

Another week covering the Appvent Calendar, the superb initiative by Blacksmith Games where iPhone developers give one app for free everyday. We are close to the end and things are getting exiting. Days 23rd and 24th don't have any free game scheduled, but are we going to be left with no further joy for Christmas day? No free game doesn't mean nothing at all. Let's wait for tomorrow to see...



For the last week some wicked games have been unveiled, being my favorites Cabby (already reviewed in the appfreak blog), Elf and Mini Squadron. It has also been great to discover the creators of Imp or Oaf?, that I think have a lot of talent and style. 

In the last weeks I have been tracking the impact of the Appvent promotion in the AppStore rankings and for the last week I'll do the same. See how these games peaked in their Appvent day, again thanks to data provided by


Elf by Coober  - #4 both in Kids and Family [iTunes Link]


Balcassa by Open Planet Software - #1 in Dice Games [iTunes Link]


Cheese Collect by Koh Jing Yu - #39 in Arcade Games [iTunes Link]


Cabby by Hidden Games - #9 in Arcade Games [iTunes Link]


AlphaBattle by Redwind Software - #4 in Word Games [iTunes Link]


Imp or Oaf ? - by Gilded Skull Games - #4 in Kids Games [iTunes Link]


Mini Squadron - by Tak Fung - 7# both in Arcade and Action Games [iTunes Link]


Doodle Golf - by Polished Play - #4 in Kids Games [iTunes Link]


SpongeDude - by Handplant Studios - Today's game, reaching #150 Puzzle Games [iTunes Link]



Most of the games are still free, so make sure you check them out.