Evernote expands its wings with Note Links

Since its conception in 2005, I've been struggling to convert to Evernote. If you are new to the service, Evernote is a one-stop shop for capturing ideas from the web, store them in the cloud and manage them with a powerful search and tag categorisation. The capability to search text within image files is a true jaw-dropper, but so far I haven't been able to integrate it in my daily routine–at least in a way that helps me being more productive.

by James Whatley

Back in March, Evernote updated its iOS app introducing a new interface design, new note input screens, attach images and voice recordings and a new grid view to display your notes. The overall goal was to access the key features faster, and why not, make the visual experience more attractive redesigning some UI elements. A recent minor update also threw in social network sharing and a thumbnail view when used on landscape mode.

The desktop version–available for Windows and OS X–has also been updated with new capabilities that take Evernote even further. The new linking function allows you to create a "permalink" to an specific note, the same way you use a URL link. The relevance for the service is huge, opening new possibilities for referencing information you have stored. You can also use this links outside the Evernote desktop app. Paste a Note Link in an email and the app will launch automatically–similar to clicking on an iTunes link. And the best of it is that the rest of the Evernote versions are also compatible with this feature!

Imagine you are looking for an apartment to rent and have started saving all the adverts with Evernote. Photos taken with your iPhone, estate agent emails, plans of the property and viewing schedules, they can all be handled by the service. If you want to create a list to share it with your partner, for example, you can now create a list with links to those shared notes directly from your email. As long as those notes are saved as shared, the other person will be able to access them just from that email. 

The new function sound like a minor improvement but it changes dramatically the way I see Evernote and might finally find a spot in my workflow. Most productivity apps include an area to add your own text or annotations. For example, task OmniFocus have a field to optionally include more detail about it. Including Evernote links in this area means that you can inter-connect both apps (across devices), using Evernote as an online multimedia drawer. The options are endless: iCal, To-Do lists,… The same way third party services are integrated with iOS apps, hopefully for Evernote users, the new note link plugin could be the new best thing to be included in productivity apps.