CreepyTown - A spooky line drawing brickbreaker

CreepyTown [iTunes Link] by Slash Casual software caught my attention when in a past games sales where I grabbed it. The game sets you in the fantasy village of Creepsford, a place where the souls of towners are dissapearing. Well, the only chance these beautifully drawn characters have is to call The Reaper. Known for being able to bring the souls from the fallen ones, yes, you will have to control him in a quest of 50 levels to rescue them all. 

The gameplay is simple and will be familiar to some. The souls are represented as floating balls that will float uncontrollably hitting objects they find on their way. This element is similar to Arkanoid games, although you don't get that gravity feel. To control those souls, you will need to guide it creating temporary barriers with finger strokes. This will remind you of line drawing games like Flight Control, but in this case the line drawn will serve as an useful barrier to guide the "ball" where it needs to go. 

There will be other elements in the game, vases containing power-ups, coins for higher punctuation, statues that when touched will convert on demons. I like this aspect of the game, since it is not limited to break everything like in Arkanoid games, but to avoid the dangerous obstacles. The drawing controls are fun and give the gameplay a new dimension, since you'll have to guess and calculate when is the best time to set a barrier. 


The levels are introduced by short dialogues between the villagers and the reaper. In fact, the icon of this game is the face of CreepyTown's major, if you where wondering. I haven't managed to finish the game, but I can tell you that the plot is innovative, fun and more witty than scary. CreepyTown makes for a good casual game that you can play in public without the fear of steering or shaking your device looking like a crazy person. Perhaps the beauty of the game is its simplicity, but it could be nice to have a multiplayer or battle mode to play with other iPhone peeps.  


CreepyTown has that visual feel and that surreal humor that reminds me a lot to some games from the 90's. It really feels like the devs knew what they had to do and they have managed to create a little gem: Better than average graphics, lovely in-game art, mixing two classic game controls to create one unique, plot and background in the story and add-ons and rewards as you progress in the game. It is  a very nicely finished game that absolutely recommend to any casual gamer. 


There is a lite version, so make sure you give it a go first.