Could Apple's new experts be the next appfreak?




 As you might have seen, Apple is set to introduce the new figure of Expert at its Apple Stores in two weeks. The other experts that we already know, the geniuses, will remain at the bar while the experts will work the floor.

Every time I have visited an Apple Store, the staff seemed very knowledgeable even under the craziest requests. Once I needed a cable to connect a projector to my laptop, and most of the them new it was forbidden to turn on your own projector, even with the lens covered. 

Now that there will be retail experts, I would like to see a real appfreak with his new blue t-shirt and recommend me a couple of apps. But since we are in a rumour and hype hurricane, you could say they will be the Magic Slate experts. Or maybe more realistically, the way forward for the new Apple Store concept to be built in Palo Alto.