Clipper creates stylish short videos on your iPhone

Quick video editing with impressive results

The normal folk recording videos on an iPhone is not going to care much about the shooting, framing or lighting conditions. At times it's a matter of getting the right moment, so you will start filming in a rush, not caring if portrait mode is awful for videos once you want to watch them. For all these situations there are solutions like desktop software editing, YouTube's own tool or things like iMovie, which will require some time and effort.

What I like about Clipper by Wander Bit, a simple video editor for iPhone, is that it simplifies most of the process requiring little input to get incredible results. It might not include very advanced options but let's say Clipper is to iMovie what Instagram is to Photoshop. Tidy results quickly.


After you select the video files you want to import directly from your Camera Roll, the app will present an editing screen where all the controls are on the same view. By default, Clipper will generate a sample creation using clips from the raw video you have selected. That's already great. This is also a good start to start making some tweaks, although you can also add a video multiple times to the timeline to use different frames.

The idea is simple. Clipper only shows 2-3 second clips from your video at a time. This approach simplifies the trimming you are expected to do using the native Camera app on your iPhone. While Clipper will pick the first 2-3 second part of the video, tapping on a miniature will allow you to select the starting point, a process you can repeat for different sequences you want to use.

Clip order, music and theme

Once you have arranged the clips in the desired order — automatic mode will do in most occasions — then it's time to add some artistic touches. If you aren't happy with the background sounds, you can use the built-in background music or import some songs from the Music library on your iOS device.


The last stage, similar to Instagram, is adding some of the eleven effects included. The effects will alter transitions, white balance and so on, making it extremely easy to try several configurations just with one tap. Just like Instagram, I told you. Once your composition is ready, you are able to save it to the Camera Roll, send via email or share on social networks.

Just to give you a real-life example of how this excels, I've been waiting 11 minutes for my laptop to render and publish a video to YouTube. I have saved three different compositions using the music and effects to give you an taste of the style. Putting those three videos and uploading them is taking that long. It didn't take more than two minutes each on Clipper.

Clipper is not as in-depth or powerful as Camera+ for photos, but that's precisely the point. With very little input — read expertise — you can come up with some decent-looking videos from content you've filmed wouldn't be presentable. The app tackles typical problems such as what to do with videos on portrait orientation using a cropping tool during the selection stage. Not something the novice would have thought about.