ClearWeather adds weather forecast notifications

Minimalist design for a crowded app category

The winter conditions and the prospect of a snowy weekend are the perfect excuse to give my weather apps a spin. Right from the 'To Test' iPhone folder comes ClearWeather, by Spanish developer David Olmos and Belgian designer Gil Huybrecht.

Before we start, ClearWeather isn't a full-featured meteorology station app with radar maps, rain predictions and multiple weather sources. The app goes to the opposite end, giving you the most basic information about the weather in your current location along the forecast for the next four days. You can also select a different city to track those stats too, but that's something you already got from Apple's own stock Weather app, right?

The most notable feature is the option to set reminders, more like notifications. Simply toggle the 'Daily Notification' option on the menu and select the time. There's no way to select the minutes, which could give you more freedom than setting your notification to the hour.

The reason why you would like to consider using ClearWeather is as banal as the appearance. There are plenty of options on the App Store with very defined styles and this one is just another one. The simplicity of the monochromatic icons and the custom typeface will be something more design-oriented users will appreciate. You either like it or not. The abundance of alternatives catering for different tastes makes this addition somewhat relevant. Apps like Check the Weather, Solar and Weather Live are also trying to stand out of the crowd through graphic design.

The basic information includes temperature, wind speed and humidity, which is more than enough to plan what you need to wear or if you need to take the umbrella with you today. The forecast isn't open to much interaction, such as seeing the predicted weather for every hour of the day. Although I'm all up for simplicity, I would appreciate a little more depth there. Also, it seems like good practice to mention the source of your data, as people might be checking several apps using the same sources without knowing. And I think when it comes to checking the weather, you want a second opinion.

ClearWeather is a very basic alternative to the default Weather app that notifies you of the current conditions and its icon sits beautifully on your iPhone's home screen.