Cleaning your white macbook is not a nightmare. Use some magic

I'm a proud owner of a white macbook from the first generation. I must admit that at the beginning I liked owning a white laptop that continued with the iBook saga. After almost three years, the poor computer has suffered a lot, but hopefully is in good shape thanks to some basic maintenance. 

One of the most strange things I have been asked lately is how do I clean my Macbook. When people see it they notice it is in a very good condition and they want to know one trick I discovered at Apple forums and other sites when I bought it. 



If you own one, you will remember the palm rest area discoloration problems. Mine suffered that and the material turned from matte to shiny in a matter of days using it. It got replaced and hasn't happened since. Maybe just for that, I take care of my macbook and regularly wipe all dust and grease that it may have. 
The I wipe every part of the laptop with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. This is a white sponge that you need to wet, to wring it before it touches any surface. You don't want any water in your laptop, you simply need the Magic Eraser to be moist. Just go through every side and, you don't need to press too hard, a simple wipe will magically remove the stains. You'll need to dry out as you go, for this I use white kitchen paper. The results are amazing in both the interior. 
In the pictures you can see my sister's macbook. After using a bad quality sleeve, the surface was covered with small grey spots. Some where quite noticeable. I suggested using Mr. Clean, and it did the trick! I was very surprised with the effectiveness of this, so I always carry a small sponge piece in my laptop bag.