Chopper 2 means innovating

Four years ago I understood how a phone could become a gaming platform thanks to a little student idea called Chopper. What started as a small project illustrated the use of the iPhone accelerometer to geeks and early adopters and I even remember trying a simulator on my Mac. On top of that, it was good fun! Most of you will remember its debut in the early days of the AppStore.

Now the sequel of Chopper by Majic Jungle Software is about to arrive and will teach us all app freaks how an iPhone game should be made. The game uses 3D graphics and new mission modes, but the big thing is its multiplatform capability. You will be able to play Chopper 2 on your iPhone and your iPad. If you're lucky enough to own both, you can use the iPad as screen and the iPhone as a controller. Furthermore, you can also play on a bigger screen with the iPhone as control pad. I'm very excited about this release: Good memories and innovative thinking, properly done.