Bad Air Day - The iFart game you weren't thinking of

Imagine taking an elevator in a hotel and realising that someone can't stop passing wind. This embarrassing situation is the inspiration for GameHouse's latest Universal game and believe me, this is not iFart app. 

Working as the lift operator of "Le Fume" Hotel, you probably knew it wasn't a good idea to stuff yourself at that nacho buffet. Specially when your next shift comes right afterwards. In Bad Air Day [iTunes Link] you help our flatulent hero keeping his job operating the lift ensuring no hotel guest is a victim of his deadly gasses. In a pure line drawing game style, you'll have to push clouds of farts around the elevator avoiding the noses of the poor hotel guests using the lift. Fortunately, there are some vents on top on the ceiling that might absolve all the hazardous gas. 

Starting from the ground floor, your will stop at every floor to pick up witty guests with their own behavior and characteristics: from a yummy mummy to a posh Paris Hilton girl with chihuahua included. Despite their differences, they are all paying customers and are quite sensitive to your bombs. 



The levels appear to be randomly generated and increase in difficulty as you climb the tower. While the gameplay is basically the same throughout the game, the variety of characters in every floor brings a little element of surprise. Some guests will move around the lift and it eventually guest quite tricky and you feel compassionate for the poor guy. There's even a robot that is not immune to your farts! 


The fart fairy, who loves the smell of your farts, will appear every now and then wishing to enjoy that perfumed lift. Her expectations are so high, that if you don't feed her with a good dose, she will complain farting inside the lift. 



If you have managed to keep reading, I'm not surprised you are not convinced about this game. What makes Bad Air Day unique is its excellent production value. Catchy music, sound effects, graphics and even the colour palette chosen simply works. Other areas usually overlooked such as leaderboards, settings or the tutorial have been blended into the game perfectly. For instance, the achievements are represented as lift buttons. 

Every developer should have a look at his game to learn how to elevate a mediocre idea (?) to a game worth downloading and keeping installed.
I see why Apple made an exception to the iFart rule with this one. Despite the flatulent theme, the developer has taken care of every small detail in a way that put most top 50 apps to shame. Sounds pretty stupid, but I might keep this app installed even if its just for a laugh. 



Playing Bad Air Day reminded me of Flight Control and Harbor Master where you use your finger to direct items across the screen. Over here you also have to deal with cargo… and the stress element when you can't cope with everything is there. Being a high score game, you are meant to survive as long as possible without killing three hotel guests. As much as I like the execution, the replay value is quite low but it has proved to be a fun game to show friends or to get kids laughing non-stop on an iPad.