Appvent Calendar is back!

Blacksmithgames, the developer behind Plushed, Boostball and Floop has announced that the Appvent Calendar will come back this December. If you weren't reading a year ago, the initiative was the first collective effort to promote iOS apps making an app available for free for 24 hours. On its first edition, we saw name like Samurai Way of the Warrior, 33rd Division, iBlast Moki and Cabby plus other low profile titles that avid iPhone users would rush to download for free. 
This year the Appvent Calendar has launched a YouTube contest with a amazing prizes including a 13" Macbook Air, an iPad, a Parrot AR.Drone and iTunes gift cards. In an AppStore were price drops were not as frequent, the Appvent Calendar had a huge effect during the holiday season, pushing those games up the charts.
With other "Free app sites" including and, I would like to see the effect and the downloads of the participant apps. We have seen how some old paid apps have returned to the charts after a spell on the Free Top downloads lists, but it will be a difficult trick to pull. However, if Appvent Calendar is as successful as last year's, we can expect a fun December.