AppStore ratings with more substance

Have you ever left the cinema in the middle of the movie and be asked if you liked it? A bit surreal, but not for the AppStore review system. You've experienced it yourself: When do delete an app on your iPhone you are asked to rate it. This explains why there are so many AppStore ratings without text. There is no native solution to write a review, you can only "tap a star to rate".
Yesterday I bumped into a solution that adds this functionality for your app: that invites the user to review. Arash Payan, the creator of iPhone game Jabeh, has put some code together to do this. He has been kind enough to share it with other developers although I don't know if any other developer is using it. As you can see from the screenshot, it blends well with the OS.

The sample code allows the developer to prompt the user to review the app including a link to iTunes. Apparently this alarm can be set to repeat and to launch after the user has launched the app a certain amount of times. What interests me here is the fix to the broken review system, helping developers to get feedback instead of slaps in the face in form of stars. Those apps with a "promotions" section advertising their other apps should have a solution like this instead, that I reckon could be more valuable over time.