Apple's Waterloo

I don't need to say anything about it. Strangers stop you in the street to ask you about your coverage on your iPhone 4. Apple said last week that phone's aren't perfect, but my boss didn't accept that excuse when I arrived late to work because my iPhone alarm didn't wake me up. Even Microsoft's COO Kevin Turner says the iPhone 4 is Apple's Vista. You can say it was rushed, it wasn't ready to be released, or like Jobs, that every smartphone has a weak spot. For me it's just Apple's Waterloo. But no worries: There is an app for that. 
As promised, Apple has started a program to keep iPhone 4 owners happy. It's now a fix, well, it's a hardware fix. Free bumpers for everyone. Jobs said at his press conference that it would take a week to set it up, and for my surprise even an emergency solution like this couldn't come in a better way. A case program app. 


For those customers experiencing reception issues with their iPhone4, Apple will give a free case of your choice. To claim your free bumper or third party case that might fix your "antennagate" you'll need to download the iPhone Case Program [iTunes Link] app,  select the case model that you prefer, fill in your details and place the order. If you're too cheeky, the app will verify your IMEI to make sure you're using an actual iPhone 4. Funny enough, the app doesn't have ratings enabled in the AppStore!