Apple not good at rip-offs. The Classics alternative

If there was something more controversial that Apple skipping Flash on the iPhone, I'm sure you found the iBooks application too familiar. Is not about ripping off the Apple Design Award shelf from Delicious Monster or the turning page UI from "As seen on TV" Classics. It's about not even doing it well. 

It turns out that Classics (recently dropped to free) has an alternative mode to turning pages.
Andrew Kaw and Phill Ryu did think about this one. For a reading app, turning pages should be less intrusive. Most of the users that use Classics to read on a daily basis probably now the trick. Do you mean that the innovative Apple didn't actually check the app Settings? 


Well, the app gives you the option to disable the eye candy page flick effect and replace it with a "stack of cards" animation. To turn the pages just tap or slide as you would normally do. The alternative way is much faster and less intrusive than the standards. I wonder why Apple decided not to include this option, since they got inspired in Classics. I prefer the stack of cards movement, let me know with your comments which one is your favorite. 
To wrap it up, lets remember the criticism about the Delicious Generation got a couple of years ago about their software. It seems the way Mac software has to progress is this one, in between iPhone and Mac OS.