An easy way to convert Word documents on the iPad

You may say the iPad isn't the best thing for writing, but seeing how crowded the iOS text editor environment is, it's clear some people are liking the option. For those of use who don't mind typing on glass using a virtual keyboard the variety is almost endless. If you still haven't found your favorite and are looking for a feature in particular, I recommend you have a look at Brett Terpstra's impressive comparison chart

There is, however, a small annoyance with most of these text editors, especially if you're working on a project on your desktop and moving to the iPad back and forward. Cloud saving makes this file sharing something super easy, so where is the problem coming? This is with every PC's word processor and arguably the most popular piece of software ever: Microsoft Word. You probably had to do this a couple of years ago with on a Mac or PC and now it's the turn of the iPad: format conversion.

Converting .doc and .docx to plain text files

You've probably been in this situation where that Word document simply refuses to open. And on the iPad with it's overly simple file management system, it's very very easy togged frustrated with file formats. Infovole, the creators of Textkraft, faced the same problem and decided to compile a little utility to get around this issue. 

Word-2-Text allows you to open any Microsoft Word .doc or .dock document and export it as a plain text file. While only a few text editors can understand Word's format, plain text is something like an universal standard. 

Once installed, the app appears in the "Open in…" dialog menus in the system. If you have a Word document attached to an email, you can preview it from there and open it with Word-2-Text to do some changes. You can get files from Dropbox, iCloud and iTunes file sharing.

Keeping comments and footnotes

One of the immediate benefits of using this conversion tool is keeping all the information included on the original file. Fair enough, Pages will open a file and make out of it the best it can. This means that important content such as editor comments and footnotes will be lost.

Also, an immediate advantage of having your file converted is making the words searchable by the system. The developer blog also includes some other perks such as using the app when you get the annoying incompatibility messages "An error occurred while reading the document".