Amazing Alex gets UK cameo ahead of launch

Rovio is reimagining a new Casey's Contraptions

Rovio is back at it and in what a way. The creator of Angry Birds is releasing this week it's first game with a new IP based on the original idea by Noel Llopis and Miguel Ángel Friginal, Casey's Contraptions. The now renamed Amazing Alex is expected to hit the App Store shelves this Thursday and its main character is already getting some presence on TV.

The latest Orange commercial explaining how fast the new Intel-powered San Diego phone is, contains a cheeky cameo from Amazing Alex. This is so subtle that only proper iPhone gamers who are familiar with the original Casey's game and knew Rovio was working on the property, redrawing the character and tweaking the branding, would realise. See the screenshot below from the ad currently aired in the UK.

Although the spot shows an explosion of animated red Angry Birds, the cameo can easily go unnoticed by the viewer as this is just some decoration on the side of an arcade machine. If you look at it carefully, the front of the arcade has the face of an old-school clown which doesn't really match. If you want get more investigative about it, in one machine on the background you can read "Capt. Ant Ball". Some seconds later, you get to see Alex again leaning on the side of another machine on the right.

The first time we say the new image of Amazing Alex was precisely in another video cameo. Back in May when Rovio announced the 1 billion download of its popular Angry Birds, the end of the promotional video contained some frames with the blonde character. Later on the deal between Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut was confirmed. 

The original Casey's Contraptions wasn't an App Store blockbuster but I think it was loved by the iOS dev community as both Nopis and Friginal were very active sharing the stages of their work. When I reviewed the game I loved the idea of sharing your solutions and contraptions with friends, making it a bit more social than Disney's Incredible Machine. From the look of the trailer it looks like not much has changed to be honest. If you originally bought the game, you can download it from your purchase history following this method to retrieve deleted apps, as it's already been removed from sale.