A game launch like no other: Bejeweled 3

Reading about the recession, job losses and public spending cuts is no big news these days and businesses are following suit with austerity measures and toning down everything they do. This is what comes to my mind when juggernaut video game developer PopCap decides to launch the sequel of one of its most popular franchises in a flat in north London over a cuppa.

Dubbed "the world's cosiest video game launch," the developer and publisher invited no other than Bejeweled's fans to participate in the event. Surprisingly, a survey by Vox PopCap found out that the average casual gamer is a 45-year-old mum. Now you realise how the picture in this post makes a lot of sense and it might be a better way to launch the anticipated title than other product launches with celebrities and red carpet treatment. Activision anyone?

"The aim of today’s launch was to underscore the diversity of the game’s fanbase, demonstrate how people play – and allow some of the UK’s biggest Bejeweled fans get to grips with the new game!” PopCap spokesperson Cathy Orr

Bejeweled 3 builds on the game mechanics we all have tried and have inspired many other puzzle games. To keep 45-year-old-mums entertained, the new game features twice as many game modes as its predecessor, new mini games and improved sounds and graphics. Bejeweled 3 is available at PopCap's website for PCs and Macs, but I have received no confirmation that an iOS version is in the making. Knowing the company's track and success on the AppStore with household names such as Plants vs Zombies, it will be just a matter of time until iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users can get hold of it. Mums go first!