A beautiful app for Google Analytics

Over the last few days I've had the chance to try the new version of Analytiks by Blatt Labs. To be honest with you, I never got an email from the developer telling me about it and until last week I had never heard about the app. I found it going through the popular list on AppShopper the day it came out and decided to give it a go — nice tip there on app discovery if you ask me. 

Until installing it, I relied not in one but in two apps to track my web stats. I have Garrett Murray's Ego both for iPhone and iPad and the convenient Squarespace app in both platforms as well. I wouldn't say they're crippled, but they're very very basic on their own, so having both installed manages to cover some of my needs. These two apps are very different from Analytiks, yet I'll keep referring to them because I feel they try to accomplish the same thing. Their icons could sit on the same springboard row on the iPhone or in the same folder for web stats, if you're that kind of person.

Looking at the screenshots on the App Store is enough to realise what the app is trying to do. Google has worked on Analytics over the years and the latest iteration is definitely pretty for such a data driven web service. iPhones and iPads used to have a terrible time trying to recreate those graphics — now they render them just fine — but the intricate options and presets on Google's dashboard doesn't make it the most mobile user-friendly thing. Aware of this, Analityks has gone for the pretty and simple look, which is something that will definitely attract any website owner and blogger who wants to check web stats on the go. Good start. 

A quick look at Google Analytics

Analityks aims to give you a quick view of the most relevant information about your website. Highlighted with big numbers are the pageviews, both daily and monthly. Less prominent are the pageview difference percentage with the previous day or month and the total count of unique visitors. Analytiks also shows you traffic sources coming from Google, Twitter and Facebook, missing some other social networks that can drive traffic depending on your niche, such as Pinterest and YouTube.

This is pretty much the snapshot view you get launching the app. A simple line graph represents the pageview evolution of the last 30 days and — this isn't so easy to spot — turning the iPhone to landscape orientation shows another line chart comparing pageviews and unique visitors over the last nine months. I like this view a lot as you can tap on any point in time and get the actual figures. Doing something like this on Google Analytics will take some clicks and navigating. 

Then there's a side B that shows you the profile of your visitors. The information this time is represented in an infographic style which I find very pretty. In here you can check the country of your visitors, browser used, split between desktop and mobile and Windows vs Mac, as well as average time spent on the site and organic and returning traffic. 

Choosing the right theme for you

The setup of the app is dead simple. Along with the predictable prompt to enter your Google account credentials, you're also asked the colour of your device. Analytiks comes with to themes that are meant to blend with the design of the iPhone itself. In my case, the black background and the minimal interface buttons give the illusion you're seeing the information on a black slate. I think this would look even better removing the top bar with the time and carrier name in order to maximise that seamless look.

Analytiks is far from being a full-featured Google Analytics client. It's purpose is to give display information beautifully for you to check at any time, assuming you'll need to go to the desktop to use the service properly anyway. This little widget-type app is full of nice animations and pleasant colour combinations. I can see this being a pretty portfolio app more than a solid utility you really need to have. If you're looking for a more complex app with goals and in-depth information, this isn't it. Maybe we could wait for an official mobile version from Google?