Retro Macbook stickers... Arrived!


After a long weekend trip i could not expect this one. I found a letter from China containing the Macbook stickers that I purchased on Etsy. I wonder what is so different from other eBay shops. It took almost a month to arrive to the UK.

The retro Apple stickers are printed on high quality vinyl and they're thicker than you would expect. The reason is that they are translucent to let the glow from the Apple logo go trough. The model for my 13' white Macbook (the old design) was slightly bigger than the actual logo, so it's either quite lousy or made for the new model.

I'm going to put one right now to see how it looks like. Hopefully it won't be as tricky as putting those invisible shield that have to be applied with a liquid. Video coming soon if you're interested. Now I have a special (and cheap) present for my MacBook owner friends!