The Appvent effect


We are close to end the first week of Appvent, as we reported, Blacksmith Games has managed to bring together a group of devs to give one app for free every day. So far I'm personally impressed with the level of games included, 33rd Division and Samurai are well know games in the App Store. 
The initiative has been proven to be popular and gamers are loving it. Even the server couldn't hold it during the debut day. But apart from the press coverage this is getting, how does it affect the app rankings? This is data from Topappcharts:

33rd DIVISION - #11 in Action Games on Dec 2, 2009
TriDefense - #3 in Simulation Games on Dec 3, 2009
Snorkeling - #19 in Action Games on Dec 4, 2009
Totemo - #17 in Puzzle Games on Dec 4, 2009
Samurai: Way of the Warrior - #15 in Action Games on Dec 5, 2009