Apple buys Lala streaming service. What to do will all those SDD?


In the most recent sign that Apple is looking at alternative ways for people to store and play their digital music, the company has agreed to buy Lala, a four-year-old start-up based in Palo Alto, Calif., a person with knowledge of the deal said Friday.

Lala, unlike Apple’s iTunes, lets users play the music they own from the Web — or in tech industry parlance, from the cloud. If Apple introduces its own cloud-based streaming music service, it would let people skip having to download music they buy or synchronize their music collection between their computers and mobile devices.

Wake up a Saturday morning. Read that Apple buys Lala. While I'm sitting on the train I think... Why does Apple need so many SDD memories? We are all thinking of iTunes streaming for a fee. Lala has the technology and Apple agreements. I want to see how a move like this will affect Spotify. Competition is always good