Second week of Appvent Calendar


iPhone an iPod Touch users around the world continue getting their freebie everyday thank's to developers and the great initiative we talked about before, the Appvent Calendar. Last week I wrote about the games being featured obtaining their highest rankings thanks to this promotion. 

This week I wanted to check wether the Appvent effect continues or not. We saw the introduction of featured apps, those are games out of the calendar but that appear in the web as part of the promotion. This week we got some quality titles like Blimp, Wheeler's Treasure and iBlast Moki. This also reminds me that if you already own the games, why not telling yiour friends to share the Christmas spirit?

Here is the data from topappcharts, based on the US Store. 

smackBots LeftRight Studios 2nd Kids Games on Dec 13 
Polyhedra Binary Hammer  18th Action Games Dec 7
Ickle Count Tootle  4th Educational Games Dec 8
Wheeler's Treasure - Two Lives Left Pty - 4th Adventure Games Dec 10
Blimp Smiddesign  26th Top apps
Crazy Snowboard - Ezone PTY  3rd Sports Games
iPharaoh  Justnine 9th Action Games 
iBlast Moki  Godzillabs          (highest was 55th top game)