Get ready for a Samuraigore iPhone experience

One of the recent 1$ games for the iPhone that has struck me most is  Samurai, Way of the Warrior. In the game you incarnate a samurai that is really angry with the villain and is going to make good use of his katana. In between the survival shooters iDracula and Minigore, and on the trail of Hero of Sparta. 

The game is simple. From an aerial 3rd person view, you control your samurai with finger flicks and use your katana sword against your enemies with several stroke combinations. It includes a plot and storyline explained with japanese comic illustrations, which added to the gaming experience. The music has been carefully chosen and the visuals deserve a mention. While the characters models are a bit edgy, the scenarios are build up in 3D perspective, allowing the player to get immerse in it. The background details have been drawn with thick black strokes and gives it a very characteristic look. 

If you can't stand blood at all, keep away from Samurai, Way of the Warrior. The game by Mad Finger Games won't let down the goriest fans of blood splashes and bodies cut in halves. 

If you don't believe me, here you have a video: