YOUR TECH: iPhone is gift of decade - Washington Times


OK, so Election Day was Tuesday, and we haven't even hit Veterans Day yet, let alone Thanksgiving, so talk about Christmas and Hanukkah may be a bit premature?

Been to Home Depot lately? They've got the Christmas stuff out. Ditto for Costco and probably Target. Christmas, the day, may "come but once a year," but the holiday season began in, what, July?

I feel led to do something never done before by your columnist during 18 holiday seasons, short, long or otherwise. While I've always selected some "product(s) of the year," I've never anointed one as a "product of the decade." Though this particular product first appeared in 2007, its impact has been large enough to overshadow just about everything else that has come on the market since Jan. 1, 2000.