Command & Conquer, Asphalt 5 Released: Response To Eliminate | The APPera

It’s very likely that ngmoco, EA Mobile and Gameloft are three of the biggest iPhone developers out there. Apple, in an effort to drain your wallet, has released Eliminate Pro last Friday and today, released two new games from EA Mobile and Gameloft.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert ($9.99)

We previously told you about EA Mobile’s plans to unleash this classic beast last month, and now that day has finally arrived.


With touch controls, bluetooth and wifi multiplayer… do these features entice you enough to buy the game?

Asphalt 5 ($6.99)

Gameloft continues their aggressive bid to become the iPhone’s top dog with the release of Asphalt 5.


Get in, start up and punch it in the fastest dream cars ever created by some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the world.

We’re both playing the game still, but first impressions look nice. Since the two games are vastly different in genre, we can’t really pinpoint which one you should get at this point.

Happy racing and RTSing!