Hacker messes with iPhones, company sees potential

And the hacker gets job. If you were one of the iPhone users that got the text "ikee is never going to give you up" in their screens, you'll be surprised to read this. Ashey Towns, the young Australian who broke in up to 25.000 iPhones will be now playing now along the good guys developing iPhone applications. 


Days before the announcement Mogeneration wrote on their blog about the hack with what I think is a defensive tone. 

The virus only affects jailbroken phones.  Jailbreaking an iPhone is a very conscious decision on the part of the iPhone user. It requires using some desktop software that comes with warning about how your phone may be damaged. Ordinary users will NOT accidentally jailbreak their phones.

I absolutely get their point, and of course that users that jailbreak their devices do it with all the consequences. What I see here is a company that rewards the talent of disrupting others without permission. All the board of directors have a very good eye for headhunting experts, but with the cost of relating their name with criminal attitude. I'm sorry, I don't think that's right.