Entrepreneurs create an iPhone case with incorporated flash


Quirky, the website where people that have an idea can make it real, has brought a new iPhone case. Jenny Tyler was jealous of Blackberry's flash and thought of having a case that would protect and power a flash to improve the iPhone camera. I would like to see this one in action, since the flash won't be triggered automatically. You can turn on the LEDs for 10 seconds or use it as a light torch, that sounds more like it. The case carries it's own battery

Beamer is a hard, durable plastic case with a friction-fit, 2 piece design. Beamer’s base slides out for quick insertion of your iphone. Turning on the light is easy. Simply press the silicone button once and the light will remain on for 10 seconds - leaving you with enough time to snap your picture. Pressing the button twice in a row will leave the light on indefinitely until you are ready to turn it off - to do so, just press the button a 3rd time.

Beamer’s super bright LED is powered by its own battery (residing on the inside of the case) so it does not drain any of your iphone’s battery. And not to worry, the button is set in a groove to avoid being accidentally turned on when in your pocket thus keeping the battery alive as long as possible.