5 Tips for new Megacorp employees


Now that we are all playing Eliminate Pro, it is time to share some tips from the expert gamers at TouchArcade. There are 5 things that you should consider to progress faster in your career.

  1. Use Auto-Fire: A day at Arsenal Megacorp is tiring for your thumbs. Make sure the Auto-fire mode in your weapon is activated and don't stop firing.
  2. Mind your back: Cover your back when possible and stop wasting time looking who is behind you. Unlike other first person shooters, walking backwards is not a good idea. With three other employees in the room, you'd better watch out. 
  3. Know your workplace: With 5 different facilities, take your time playing with bots or to get familiar with all the areas. Know where players appear, power ups, dangerous spots, shortcuts,...
  4. Upgrade for performance: Choose one armour and one weapon and stick with them. Upgrade them to the maximum. The you can change. Don't spend credits in irrelevant features that won't help you at work. Focus on performance.
  5. In the head hurts a lot: Aim for the head for best results. Try to anticipate the movements of the other players and surprise them in their faces. Beware of the kangaroos. 

The waiting periods while your suit recharges are a great moment to practice new tactics and to make friends. If you use twitter and have not registered in the Megacorp Workers Union, what are you waiting for? Join the "Prepare to be Eliminated" list to meet new employees around the world.