Toddlers Special - Five apps to keep the youngest entertained - Part 1


Thanksgiving is here. For North Americans it is a moment for the family to gather around the table and spend some time together. For some it is a great opportunity to catch up with relatives and to be surprised how fast the youngest members of the family are growing. For dads and mums, for iPhone users spending Thanksgiving day with children, this is for you. A selection of games that babies and toddlers will enjoy for sure. 

If you are a true appfreak, it is very possible that you show your iPhone at some point. Kids love it as we saw in this video, and it is not a bad idea to pack a couple of these apps to enjoy with the children in your family. I'll cover five apps that are fun to use and have an educational factor. I do warn you, if you don't have a case, this could be a good time to use one. 


Let's get started with the the simplest. Awazdat (aka Ah, what's that?) aimed to the youngest. The idea is to stimulate the child taking advantage of the iPhone capabilities to wow the little ones. When you launch Awazdat, the app will display drawings of animals and objects that grow larger if you touch them. If you rotate the iPhone, the accelerometer knows that it has to keep the icons oriented. The best part, when you shake the device, it will recognize it, vibrate and change the colour of the background. 

As simple as it is, it is handy to have just in case. It mimics the look of some preschool toys where the baby has to touch and react to changes. There is a free version with a Christmas theme, so there is no reason for not giving it a go. Awazdat is more amusing than what it looks to your adult eyes. 

Another game that can be popular with kids of young ages is Sort Slider by Tickle Tap Apps. In this little game the aim is to match a figure with its correct silhouette. The player will be given two choices, and will need to slide the figure over the shadow correctly. You can either swipe with your finger, or tilt the device. Tilting proved to be fun and added some extra difficulty and innovation to the game. Audio feedback and a female friendly voice will give instructions and congratulate when you do well. Perhaps the only bad point is that the drawings can get repetitive after a  few games and there is no possibility to adjust sounds. The beep that confirms the correct answer can be annoying for adults while the rest of the music and voices are on spot. The animations of the dog seem to encourage the little ones to keep up the good work.



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