Enter the Legend cheating in Real Football 2010 - Gameloft iPhone


I found this cheat that is more a bug in Real Football 2010. One of the new game modes in the game is called "Enter the Legend", where you are a promising football player that has to progress in his career. The difference is that you will only control your player and will have to interact with the rest of the team, much like My Pro in EA's FIFA franchise.


There is a submenu called growth, where you manage the skill progression of your player. Every game and achievement unlocked will give you skill points that you can invest in your player stats. Player stats go from 0 to 99, and each level is divided in 100 points. This means you would need 200 points to upgrade your Heading skill from 70 to 72. This lengthy method is used to ensure that you only grow 5% - 10% per season, but with this cheat things are about to change.


This is the cheat: Play several games in Enter the Legend mode to gain points. Don't use those points, not yet. Try to make as much as 400. Once you have the points, tackle a player to get a yellow booking. That shouldn't be difficult, should it? Now, tackle hard to get another yellow card so the ref can send you home. You will have to continue watching the game from the bench. Just OK everything until you get to the main menu. Go to Player Info>Growth. Now when you add skill points to your abiities, they will count as levels, and not as skill points. This is 1 point = 1 level, instead of the natural 100 = 1 level. I hope the cheat works, let me know how your master players are doing. You can also reduce the skill points doing this trick. I had to because it was a big too much.