Phil Schiller has something to say


Phil Schiller has made clear that Apple is working on the Apple Store approval process. In a recent interview, he points at the recent complains about the whole process by developers Rogue Amoeba and Joe Hewitt. In BusinessWeek he says:

"We've built a store for the most part that people can trust," he says. "You and your family and friends can download applications from the store, and for the most part they do what you'd expect, and they get onto your phone, and you get billed appropriately, and it all just works."

The number of applications available at the App Store is now north of 100,000, and about 10,000 are submitted each week. As the volume rises, so does the number of potential problems. Schiller compares Apple's role to that of a retailer determining which products line store shelves. "Whatever your favorite retailer is, of course they care about the quality of products they offer," he says. "We review the applications to make sure they work as the customers expect them to work when they download them."