Jukebox brings back the music quiz to your iPhone

My original iPod video had some clunky games installed by default created by Apple. Who would guess that in four years games would evolve to something decent and compete with real portable gaming platforms? One of my favourites was the Music Quiz. An app that access, and would play 10 seconds of a song and you would have to guess which one it is. 



Jukebox by Matthew Aitken brings back the music quiz experience to your iphone and it gets a nice treatment. The mechanics are the same: Jukeboz will randomly start playing songs and you'll have to guess the right name of the track. The tricky bit is that you only have a couple of seconds to choose, and it can become quite challenging. The app will display the album art to help you, so that makes things even. 



The user can choose to play with songs from a certain artist, although I didn't get the search function working on mine. The game will run as long as you want and at the end will display your score depending on the correct answers given. The app can send the result to online leaderboard, but at this point is not associated with any iphone gaming network at all. 

As simple as this is, the developer took good care of the user interface and the design of the gameplay. This makes the app different from others that replicate the game and are not so pleasant to the eye. I'm a big fan of wooden and dark themes in general, and this one has the menubars textured as wood and the backgrounds as wallpaper. Perhaps this look reminds someone of a jukebox and it works fine. 



I recommend Jukebox to anyone that carries with love their iTunes library with them and wants to re-discover forgotten artists. I remember using this app with friends, playing together sharing the earbuds and it brings me memories of good fun. Now I can have it with me again, with a woody iPhone treatment. 

There are more screenshots down here.