Super Monkey Ball is back for the Holiday season


Super Monkey Ball 2 features an additional 115 stages spread across five unique worlds. Like the first title, all the themes are based on areas from the Wii game Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. The original iPhone title utilized the first five themes from Banana Blitz and the sequel uses the remaining five.

Says Einhorn: "This game opens up in a very lush jungle space called Jungle Jumble. Then it goes to Pirate's Ocean which is a really cool stage with sunken ships. Then we go to Cobalt Caverns, which is just a psychedelic mushroom stage. Then you get Sinking Swamp. And finally Ultra Heaven, which is just all in the sky with clouds and really gorgeous."

In addition to all those new stages, SEGA will ship SMB2 with a new local Wi-Fi multiplayer mode in which up to four gamers can compete in stage races. "The entire game -- all 115 boards -- you can play with three more of your friends. The entire game is unlocked for that. If you wanted to play the whole game that way, you'd have two hours of gameplay roughly where the game constantly changes," explains Einhorn.

More characters, more maps, more fun. But doesn't this come a bit late?